One Room One Day

Recorded in July 2013 in the NMIT Auditorium in Greensborough. The title

says it all - no headphones, standing next to each other like at a gig, or a rehearsal.


Recorded and mixed by Mal Stanley in August 2011 at the ABC studios


Recorded live at Bennetts Lane Jazz Lab in August 2007 by Andy Hunt (Salt Studios), mixed by Ross Cockle. Featuring special guest Anton Delecca on saxophones.


Recorded and mixed by Ross Cockle at Metropolis and Sing Sing Studios in 2004, with a little help from Arts Victoria.


Recorded by Koppo at Backyard Studios in Bayreuth, 2000, mixed by Ross Cockle in 2002!

Tales of Olive Groves

Recorded and mixed by Mal Stanley at ABC Studios in 1998. An exciting time, our first recording effort.

Recorded and mixed by Mal Stanley at ABC Studios in 1999. We could still taste the wine and olives from Fieste. Not to mention the pasta.

Caught Gesture

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Our first album of covers, for which we Frockicized iconic Aussie pop songs ​written by Nick Cave, Don Walker and Nick Finn.

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