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Adam's Links:

australian jazz real book  Lots of lead sheets and interesting info and resources focusing on Australian jazz composers  Andrew Dubber's site. A really interesting guy with a lot to say about the Online Environment, with a focus on Music  I don't think this requires any explanation.  My website, with a focus on my compositions for film.  An excellent organisation that promotes Australian composers.  This league puts on concerts, liaises with similar international organisations, and is generally worth joining.

Simon's Links  A no holds barred take on the modern music industry, plus whatever else falls in to his cosmic transom  A very funny chick.
Truth is, i don't visit any sites regularly other than the news to see if there is a war in the neighbourhood, and the football during the AFL season. Of course i am electrifying company, am a wide ranging conversationalist, but sometimes people are just jealous because I have naturally curly hair.

Anthony's Links  An excellent book on the history of 20th Century music by Alex Ross with fantastic web support material.
listentothis  Another Alex Ross book containing a number of informative and very readable articles. Excellent web support material again.  Some interesting and useful ideas on aural training.  A library of thoughts, philosophy, links and other engaging bits and pieces.


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